Nate ate bagel


The mini-bagels are topped with cheese and other pizza toppings. Bagel Bites are available in six flavors: Cheese & Pepperoni [1]; Three Cheese; Cheese, Sausage & Pepperoni; Mozzarella Cheese; Supreme; and Extreme Nacho (sold only in Canada). Bagel Bites come in 9, 18, 40, and 72 count varieties. Bagel Bites are manufactured in Southwest Florida.

Bagel Bites also markets Stuffed Bagel Bites, which consists of the toppings on the inside of the bagel dough crust. The stuffed snacks are available in Pepperoni & Cheese and Three Cheese. Preparation of Bagel Bites involves either a microwave or an oven.

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