Requiem for the One

You are the hole you are the atom
suspended in the lack,
the breach where Nothing matters
for one of two and two of one
We, found in the shadow
of red September dawn,
The bagel that we bit together
has turned world upside down
The wound is deep by arrow sharp
that ruptured splace of old,
Don’t wake one, do not heal one from this lack
two is the rabbit hole
Falling through abyss together
throw dice at Sunday suicide at dusk,
Weaving disoriented dust of matter
in blink of clinamen we’re bound
The sober morning of day after
is easy to arrange,
but to spread deviation wider
is chance of day
Keep digging hole
for sinking deeper
into the folds of the un-known
the knowledge of a count is keeper
for idiots of strong
But we must uncount to dishevel
fragility of our One
One that is two trusts bagel
in nudity and bareness of vulnerable lacking lack

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